SIGMA EURO-COMM LW-10 HF 40 -6m Multiband Long Wire Antenna

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SIGMA EURO-COMM LW-10 HF 40 -6m Multiband Long Wire Antenna

The Sigma Euro-Comm  LW-10 Long wire Antenna

The LW-10 are end fed long wire aerials. They all incorporate a 9:1 UNUN at the feed point enabling them to be fed directly with 50 Ohm coaxial cable. The 9:1 UNUN also removes static noise and provides a DC path to earth. All are able to handle up to 400W RF (full UK limit).

The power rating is for intermittent amateur (400W CW or 500W SSB) use and not for AM broadcast or constant carrier data modes.  For AM broadcast a much higher power BALUN is required." 

LW-10: 10m in length, this will work on all bands from 40m - 6m via an ATU. Ideal where space is at a premium.

These antennas give excellent results where space is at a premium. However, please note that due to the varying impedance found on any long wire antenna, the built in ATU in your average transceiver will not be able to cope with all bands. For full band coverage you will need an external ATU or possible some form of capacitive loading system. This can be a simple L or T match.  Also the poly weave wire will not kink and is extremely strong.

The LW-10 comes fully assembled and ready to go.


  • Type: End Fed Wire Antenna
  • Frequency: 7 - 52 MHz
  • Band: 40-6m
  • Power handling 400W, RF
  • Impedance 50 Ohms
  • Connector SO-239
  • Length 10.14 Meters
  • Non-Kink Poly Weave Wire
  • Made in Great Britain


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